Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum

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Parts of the Book

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Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum

¶ Trade Edition Specifications:  Stout Octavo, 6 x 9 inches. 500+ pages. Gilt-stamped cloth over boards in letterpress printed dust jacket. Primary Typeface: Williams Caslon Text. Illustrated with alchemical engravings, ornamental grotesques, dragons, trees, and fleurons. Folding plate titled; Ripley’s Wheel

Photographs and Descriptions of the Deluxe Editions forthcoming.

Images of the of the books showing bindings, folding plates and other details will soon be posted. If you would like to be added to our subscription list visit the Contact Information page.

Table of Contents

 0. Publisher’s Introduction. William J. Kiesel.
 1. Prolegomena. Elias Ashmole.
 2. Ordinal of Alchemie. Thomas Norton. [*6 illustrations].
 3. Compound of Alchemie. George Ripley. [*folding plate: Ripley’s Wheel].
 4. Pater Sapientae. Anonymous.
 5. In the Name of the Holy Triniti. [*2 illustrations].
 6. Hermes’s Bird. Anonymous. [*1 illustration].
 7. Chanon’s Yeoman’s Tale. Geoffry Chaucer. [*illustration].
 8. Dastin’s Dreame. John Dastin.
 9. Pearce the Black Monke upon the Elixir.
10. Richard Carpenter’s Worke.
11. Hunting of the Greene Lyon. Abraham Andrews.
12. Breviary of Natrurall Philosophy. Thomas Charnock.
13. Aenigmaes. Thomas Charnock.
14. Bloomefields Blossoms. William Bloomefield.
15. Sir Edward Kelley’s Worke.
16. Sir Edward Kelley to G. S. Gent.
17. Doctor John Dee’s Testament.
18. Thomas Robinson of the Philosophers Stone.
19. Experience and Philosophy. Anonymous.
20. The Magistery. W. B.
21. Anonymi, or several Workes of unknowne Authors. [* 2 illustrations].
22. John Gower upon the Philosophers Stone.
23. George Ripley’s Vision.
24. Verses belonging to Ripley’s Scrowle. [*1 illustration].
25. Mystery of the Alchemists.
26. Preface to the Medulla. George Ripley.
27. A Short Worke. George Ripley.
28. Secreta Secretorum. John Lydgate.
29. Hermit’s Tale. Anonymous.
30. Description of the Stone. Anonymous.
31. The Standing of the Glasse. &c. Anonymous.
32. Aenigma Philosophicum. W. Redman.
33. Fragments.
34. Annotations and Discourses. Elias Ashmole. [* astrological chart].
35. Table of Obscure & Obsolete Words.
36. Acknowledgements.


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May 13, 2011 at 11:25 am

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